My Bohemian Business

My Bohemian Business


My Bohemian Business is about creating an authentic life outside the 9-5. It is about changing your approach and redefining what your definition of a successful fulfilling life actually is.

So many people I speak to aren’t happy with certain aspects of their life, especially their careers. When pressed on why they don’t make a change, the 3 things I hear time and time again are: I don’t know what else I would do, I have no idea where to start, I’m too financially committed – mortgage, children, lifestyle. All of these things while extremely valid are often obstacles of self doubt disguised as logic and reasoning.

While we must be sensible in our decisions, we equally need to take responsibility for them and realise we only have one short life and their is us and only us who can make our life work for us.

It’s about stepping outside preconceived ideas of success  and understanding what really matters to you and makes your heart sing. It’s about choosing to create a life aligned with your values, to live authentically, fully and flourish.

I don’t begin to say this is easy. Understanding yourself, trusting yourself and having the confidence to make change and do so in front of an audience (real or imagined) is the accomplishment of a lifetime but one that will make a lifetime.

My Bohemian Business is my journey and I very much hope one that will help you with yours too.



Why Bohemian?

I’ve always been fascinated about what the romantic idea of what to be Bohemian is: to live free following your heart. Writers, poets, artists dedicating their life to beauty and self expression.

Our working lives today are the complete antithesis of the Bohemian ideal. We leave ourselves at the door, everything we do we’re told  to do quicker cheaper, faster- make more money! Making money for money’s sake with little thought to the bigger picture of what we are contributing.

We get stuck in thankless tasks which, when thought about for millisecond, we understand to have no higher purpose or meaning.  Is it any wonder we feel drained, frustrated and empty, with little energy left at the end of the working day for anything else in our lives.

The way we work in business is often without any thought of personal value, creativity or productivity. It’s about the hours we give. Precious hours given over for no higher purpose. We simply can’t flourish as humans like this.

Bohemian Business is about stepping out of these conventional constraints, following your heart and living authentically. It values experience, self expression and creativity as measures of success, with the belief that by doing so we are creating something that others will connect with and find value in – ie. you can make a living out of it! People buy people and authentic passionate people win hands down everytime.