Hello and welcome to My Bohemian Business.

I’m Lauren a thirty something ex Fashion Marketing Manager, living in Manchester, looking to create a life outside the 9-5.

After having worked in the fast fast fashion industry in Manchester for over 10 years (and being completely miserable doing it for the last 3) I came to a realisation that the industry just wasn’t for me anymore. Through a lot of soul searching and reflection I realised that my working life was completely misaligned with my values and who I am as a person. If I was ever going to be happy, it was up to me to make some changes, big changes, to create the life I wanted.

I quit my full time job a month after getting married back in July 2017 and haven’t looked back since. It’s been a gradual process and I’m very much still at the start of this new chapter in my life. My focus now is creating a life that’s authentic and fulfilling with work that works for me. And helping others do the same plays a big part in that.

I’ve built up a significant amount of knowledge and experience in my career in the last 10 years and I want to put that to use in a creative and productive way, launching my own online homewares business  La Boheme Living and providing coaching and support for those looking to looking to go it alone.

My Bohemian Business is an attempt to share my story and connect with other like minded people and if it helps anyone along the way even better!