An Emotional Business

Going it on your own is sometimes a perilous business, one that is fraught with obstacles: some practical, some financial and some emotional. Yes, that’s right emotional. Business and emotion are mostly seen as mutually exclusive. They don’t mix. That’s ultimately what the term ‘being professional’ means: taking yourself and your emotions out of the working environment. Which admittedly is sometimes necessary and sensible to do so, but to live this way all the time, means we’re continually ignoring what makes us happy and even what makes us who we are. A dangerous game to play as far as our well-being is concerned.


Starting your own business is a process that breaks away from that. It’s an opportunity to create something in the world through your lens, with you in it. You make the rules. It’s an equally liberating and disconcerting proposition, one that I’m currently facing as I set my own business up.


With this new found responsibility comes a whole host of emotions and I’ve found one of the key challenges in making progress is managing those thoughts and emotions. How you feel about your business idea and your abilities to take that idea and make it a reality are at the heart at what drives any kind of success. Starting a business really is just as much about your emotions and mindset as it is about the numbers on your spreadsheets.


Early on in my journey I  found that I was battling with self confidence and self doubt. At first it wasn’t something that I necessarily realised, but when it got to the point where I couldn’t even post a picture on Instagram (yes really) it was then I only fully comprehended how much fear and worry was holding me back. Fear and worry about what my idea, my capabilities and mostly what other people would think.


I wanted to create something perfectly polished from the outset but this fear that anything less than perfect would be judged by others just led to stagnation, frustration and procrastination sucking any creativity out of it. I was scared to just follow my gut and put myself into into it because I was, ridiculously, so worried about what other people would think.


After many hours trying to figure out how I could overcome this, I realised I was never going to succeed unless I confronted the fear head on and that’s where the idea for this blog came from. Stepping out of my comfort zone to confront my fears and talk about my story of starting a business.


Since then I’ve met with women in a similar position and I realised that the feelings I was having were perfectly normal, it just doesn’t always get talked about.  Everyone is constantly trying to present an idealised version of themselves that the honestly gets wiped out. It’s so easy to feel lost and overwhelmed when you look at the glossy power women on Instagram, making it all look like a breeze, but that just isn’t real. My Bohemian Business is an opportunity to talk in a more honest way about what it’s like going it alone and if it helps other people doing the same, even better.


I’m not 100% sure on what direction the blog is going to take just yet, but it’s a step out of the comfort zone and into the right direction and of course sometimes it’s good just to make a start and see where it takes us…